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Project Management
Project Management is recommended for organizations who:
Have more projects than resources required for delivery.
Are able to increase revenue or improve profitability by delivering the project more quickly.
Are looking to leverage a unique opportunity into a competitive advantage.

Project Management is a discipline which utilizes strategies, processes and methods to complete unique assignments quickly while employing a minimum of resources. The methods employed are designed to deliver a fully documented, risk mitigated, on time and on budget project. We partner with our clients to ensure that projects are fully functional as a result of rigorous quality assurance and user testing. In addition, we work with our clients to set up benchmarks for measuring results into the future.

We provide senior focus to project management as we:

Surface and facilitate internal and external issues that represent barriers to completion
    of the assignment.

Identify ancillary process improvement opportunities that can be prioritized for completion
    in the future.

Ensure that parallel processes are not disrupted by the initiative.

Our objectives are to:

1.   Provide a framework for ongoing productivity gains.
2.   Facilitate the transfer of Project Management skills to your staff.
3.   Expand the number of projects that can be simultaneously implemented.
4.   Convey on-going proprietary ownership of responsibilities through successful

Cheryl Gross & Associates provides a wide range of Project Management services that are scaled to our clients’ needs from the very complex involving multiple resources (external vendors/partners and internal interest groups) to the routine recurring project that always seems to take on a life of its own. Our services include:

Multi-dimensional Implementations

Process Improvement

Process Design

Recurring Routine Processes

We deliver challenging assignments that pay for themselves by being accelerated.


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