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 Project Methodology

Recommended for organizations who:
Wish to continually improve their processes, workflow, methods and financial metrics.
Are able to increase revenue or improve profitability by delivering their projects on time and on budget.
Have more project than resources required for delivery.

Cheryl Gross & Associates utilizes strategies, processes and lifecycle methods to complete unique assignments quickly while employing a minimum of resources. The methods employed are designed to deliver a fully documented, risk mitigated, on time and on budget project. We invite you to learn more about our method.

We utilize lifecycle methods to manage your project. Our methods begin with identifying the opportunity and end with you identifying the next initiative. Our approach includes the following elements:

Problem Identification & Kickoff — provides an overview of the project, anticipated environment and financial objects to the project team charged with delivering the initiative.
Project Scope — we believe that the success of a project is determined by the scope definition. The key elements required to determine the time, budget and ultimately the profitability of a project are the accurate identification of:
Needs Assessment
Business Requirements
System Requirements / System Impact
Resource Requirements
Project Plan
Financial Model
Implementation — is the process by which you execute the project plan, rigorously test and deploy the project to production, and document the project for future use.
Lessons Learned — provides the opportunity to continuously improve the methods employed, to identify and prioritize future enhancements and new initiatives identified during implementation.
Ongoing Monitoring —establishes the financial benchmarks against which the success of the project is measured and provides for the risk rating and ongoing monitoring of the outsourced vendor.

Our objectives are to:

Deliver a fully documented, risk mitigated project.

Transfer a successful on-time, on-budget completed initiative that your team will be excited to own
    and manage going forward.

Define our success by achieving your objectives.

We deliver challenging assignments that pay for themselves by being accelerated. We invite you to learn more about our method.

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