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 Problem Management
We recommend our approach for organizations wishing to:
Upgrade their problem management procedures utilizing best practice methodologies that can be customized for the organization either internally or externally.
Scale their response to problems based on the severity of the impact on their business, customers and regulatory requirements.

Problem Management is a methodology utilized to develop and support the help desk and configure the help desk tool. The primary purpose is to ensure that end users continuously have the technology resources and services required to carry out their jobs. The key elements of any problem management program follow:

Problem Identification—the user identifies the nature and source of the problem.

Tracking—begins when the user reports the problem and is utilized to track resolution steps
   against standard response times.

Risk Rating—is assessed based on the priority and severity of the problem.
   Problem resolution is scaled based on customer and organizational impact.

Resolution Standards, Escalation Procedures and Communication Plans ensure that
   end user issues are resolved based on predefined standards. In the event that problems
   cannot be resolved, escalation strategies ensure knowledgeable resources are made available
   to resolve the issue.

Analysis and Recovery—identification of root cause, development of short and long term
   fixes, testing and analysis to determine that systemic problems are permanently resolved.

Management Reporting—identifies issues to management for remediation.

Our approach is to align the severity of the problem to the priority in which the problem is resolved. Severity is scaled based on business, customer and regulatory impact.

Cheryl Gross & Associates provides the following Problem Management services scaled to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our services include:

Program Design
Customized Program Templates
Generic Program Templates

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