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 Change Management
We recommend our approach to Change Management for organizations wishing to:
Upgrade their change control procedures utilizing best practice methodologies that can be customized for the organization either internally or externally.
Scale their change control procedures based on cost and risk.

Change Management is a program designed to control routine modifications to software (programs and configurations), hardware, operational standards and procedures and project management activities. The purpose of this program is to ensure that routine modifications are appropriately authorized, tested, documented, implemented and disseminated. The key elements of any change management program follow:

Prioritization rules for technology upgrades and patches—identifies the business purpose, establishes the prioritization of the project based on the risk and importance of the change and establishes the authorization mechanism for acquisition and implementation.
System Impact—assesses the risk to current technology and identifies all areas of technical impact; provides the mechanism for backup of existing applications; resource plans for implementation; configuration and implementation of the changes.
Testing—establishes the procedures for application testing; user acceptance testing; fixes; sign off and installation of the change.
Documentation—identifies the requirements to document changes, standard operating procedures, business continuity plans and user training.

Our approach is to align the risk and expense associated with the change to the rigor associated with the authorization and implementation requirements. We accomplish this alignment through a tiered structure.

Cheryl Gross & Associates provides a variety of Change Management services scaled to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our services include:

Program Design
Customized Program Templates
Generic Program Templates

To learn about our Change Management methodology, click here.

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