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 Business Continuity Planning
We recommend our approach to Business Continuity Planning for organizations wishing to:
Make certain that they have thoroughly tested their plan to maximize their ability to respond and recover in the event of a disruption in service.
Develop a recurring methodology for continuous improvement of their Business Continuity Plan.
Provide support to their employees, customers and community in an emergency.

Business Continuity Planning is an enterprise wide program designed to maintain, resume and recover the business in the event of a disaster. The key elements of any Business Continuity Plan follow:

Business Impact Analysis—identification of the potential impact of an event (disaster) on the organization’s business processes and its customers.
Risk Assessment—prioritize the probability of a disaster based upon severity and likelihood; identify gaps in the existing plan and analyze the probabilities based on the impact on the organization.
Business Continuity Plan—development of emergency management plans; and recovery and restoration plans and procedures.
Risk Monitoring—training the staff, testing the plan, independent review and audit of the plan and mechanism for updating the plan to recognize changes.

Our approach is to design specific plans to recover from the most probable disruptions and to design generic plans to address short term (1-2 days), medium term (3 days-2 weeks) and long term (greater than 2 weeks) disruptions.

Cheryl Gross & Associates provides a wide variety of Business Continuity Planning services designed to meet our clients’ needs and requirements. Our services include:

Best Practice Review of your BCP Plan

Management and Facilitation of BCP testing, lessons learned and reporting to Management

Development and Enhancement of BCP Plans

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