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 Best Practice Reviews
Best Practice Reviews are recommended for organizations whose key questions and objectives are:
Determining if processes are sufficient to support projected growth.
Ascertain process improvement opportunities.
Identify technical options that would enable the organization to deliver their products and services more profitably.

Cheryl Gross & Associates conducts Best Practice Reviews in the areas of:

Retail Delivery
Residential Lending Origination
Consumer Lending Origination
Small Business Lending Origination
Commercial Lending Relationship Management
Retail Operations
Residential Lending Operations
Consumer Lending Operations
Small Business Lending Operations
Commercial Lending Operations
Project Office

Reviews are conducted utilizing an interview approach rather than an audit approach. Generally, the objective of the assignment is to:

1.  Ensure best practices have been developed and maintained.
2.  Determine if manpower and staffing requirements properly support quality customer service. 
     Customers may be both internal and external.
3.  Find out if the existing product set is sufficient to support the needs of both internal and                external customers.

Typically, the work product consists of:

Findings and Recommendations
 Process Flow Diagrams
Management Review

We deliver challenging assignments that pay for themselves by being accelerated.

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